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  • Andy_CookeAndy_Cooke Posts: 3,229

    I oppose No Deal because its unplanned and unprepared, the disruption would be severe and the blowback would, in my view, see us rejoining sharpish and ending up being obliged to adopt the Euro. Like when we joined the EEC with a 7 year transition from Commonwealth preference (real world) I’ve always supported a similar slow and steady transition from EU to a new detached status that better reflects our political worldview (real world) and May’s Deal did it for me.

    Hard Leavers need to understand that if you sow the wind you have to be prepared to reap the whirlwind.

    I agree with you.
    The problem has been that too many Leaver politicians (ERG for a start, but not just them) have refused to take Yes for an answer.
  • MrsBMrsB Posts: 574
    IanB2 said:

    MrsB said:

    IanB2 said:

    LDs would be well advised to tell them where to go. Soubry has no place in the the Liberal Democrat Party - the tensions between her political compass and the LDs would just be too great.
    Mike Gapes would be my final pick if i were LDs
    No way he would join and no way we would want him.
    You would put Chris Leslie ahead of Mike Gapes????
    The Chris Leslie who in April told Business Insider that there would be no electoral pacts on the Remain side, that the Lib Dems were finished and their members should join Change UK?
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