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  • Gallowgate
    Hi Matt, thanks for your message.

    I'm certainly not an expert by any means however I actually do think there's a lot of merit in the Japan style zonal system that edmundintokyo has kindly explained multiple times. However I don't think that's actually what the Government is proposing? Especially as my understanding is that it needs to be combined with a land usage tax to encourage development.

    I feel that the reason any reform will fail is because people like HYFUD in leafy towns in Epping will realise how little control they will have over what gets built, and by whom.

    I would certainly be interested in reading your proposed piece and would also be happy to work with you on it, or proof-reading anything, if you needed or desired a 2nd opinion.

    All the best.
  • MattW
    Thanks for your reply.

    I've considered submitting a piece to try and point out some good and bad features of our planning system - which seems to me to be more flexible to local requirements than eg zonal ones on the continent. But otoh it is hard work to engage with in detail.

    But trying to boil a useful contribution down to 800 words seems a little daunting.

    And even more so to communicate how any change is like a game of pickup-sticks, with unforeseen consequences.

    Matt W
  • Richardr
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    September 27
  • Metatron
    Some of us who work or went to Horse Racing Meetings prior to Corvid found it practical for time reasons to use motorway petrol stations
    September 26
  • MattW

    Just in case the comment vanished into the ether :-)

    Or depending there are other shades available - warm white, cool white etc.

    The thing to talk about is probably "colour temperature".

    Digging a little deeper, "smart lighting" with "tunable white" is now quite a thing. I know a few self-builders who have used various ideas about adjusting the type of white between daytime and the evening, for example.

    Apple have such a feature in their Smarthome 'Homekit'.

    Here is a thread over on Buildhub in a related topic:

    I have started another about "Seasonal Affective Disorder" specifically.

    Buildhub is a really really friendly forum.

    Matt W
    (Actually Julian)
    September 25
  • Malmesbury
    If you are interested in COVID data, I can give you access to the Google Drive folder of the spreadsheets I generate each day.

    If you want to get access, I need an email address I can add access to...
    September 24
  • viewcode
    I note your comment about Tesco Wine Club. There's an American YouTube film critic who may be a bit ahead of you on that... :smiley:

    September 22
  • WelshJeff
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    September 22
  • Metatron
    Keegan quit as England manager because he said he was not tactically good enough for the job.
    As Manchester City manager he bought hasbeens to the club such as Steve Mcmanaman.
    As a City fan he is not in the same managerial universe as Pep, Mancini or the underrated Joe Mercer
    September 21
  • Metatron
    Why not Liz Truss if she gets some more Trade Deals?
    She is arguably give or take Gove the most experienced minister in the Cabinet .
    September 19
  • Spoon
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    September 19
  • Paradiso
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    September 16
  • Metatron
    With Delingpole depends what you define as 'success'.He has established a niche position on the alternative right and i suspect makes a lot of money from his blog and podcast.
    Breitbart are always featuring his columns.
    The main criticism of him is that unlike his youthful social circle Cameron.Gove,Johnson etc is that he has never tried to be a player in politics.
    It is very easy to be an opinionated journalist.Gove and Johnson have tried to be more than that.
    September 15
  • Simon_Peach
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    September 15
  • erikhan3333123
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    September 13
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    September 12
  • nico679
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    September 10
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    September 9
  • fencesitter2
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    September 8
  • Ave_it2
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    September 6
  • Pagan2
    Hi how can I help I dont know much about the fore program
    September 5
  • [Deleted User]
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    September 5
  • Metatron
    It may suprise you to know there are lots of female social conservatives who believe Young Mothers holding executive jobs that involve lots of travel is not generally a good base for decision making.
    Try asking yourself if global warming is such a given to evolve into disaster continue why are so many hot climate countries still opening new coal mines?
    They are doing so because they can see there are plenty of credible scenarios why global warming might not result in doomsday results.Those hot climate countries have joined the Paris Agreement because they are getting lots of money re-distributed to them from green virtue signalling Western govts.Actions speak louder than words.
    September 4
  • HankRearden
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    September 3
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    September 2
  • Lovely
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    September 1
  • Metatron
    Yvette Cooper always looks depressed and did not impress as Housing Minister.If she is your only female candidate hardly an advert for recent females in politics ?
    Suprisingly Shirley Williams is not on your list.
    Just like the centre right has failed to come up with someone to compete with the Iron Lady the centre left have failed to come up with anybody on the same level as Shirley Williams.
    Given that Harold Wilson said that Barbara Castle was his best cabinet minister in a well regarded cabinet maybe any female to make it before 1997 had to be 10% better than most males

    August 31
  • Lambomn
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    August 30
  • Djaym1
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    August 29
  • Metatron
    In 1984 Panorama ran an overt hit job on several Tory MP's including Neil Hamilton trying to portray them as 'Nazis'.The allegations were completely false and yet none of the BBC staff involved were suspended or sacked.And nothing changed for years.
    The only thing BBC staff got sacked for was making politically incorrect comments a la Carol Thatcher,Danny Baker etc.It did not seem to matter how biased,lazy incompetent etc a BBC employee was long as they were part of the club they were unsackable.
    Whether that is changing now will be interesting to watch.The criticism of a lack of diversity of opinion among its staff is beginning to cut home and BBC bosses are clearly increasingly talking about responding.We will see if it is just talk or not.
    August 29