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    Interesting job figures out of the US:

    Better than expected and the best of a recent spate of poor data. The recession is maybe not inevitable just yet after all. Trump is doing his best to pump growth by excessive borrowing and bullying the Fed on interest rates. I can't help feeling that his success in this is going to be way more important to his chances than a telephone call with the Ukraine.
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    HYUFD said:

    Most businesses do not export and most that export now export outside the EU so even with No Deal we will survive

    For every UK business that exports to outside the EU there is corresponding non-EU importer. These companies are buying from the UK and other EU countries are using one set of trading rules, the EU trading rules.

    Ater Brexit and after the UK has negotiated and signed the import-export rules with Liberistan, a Liberistani company will either need to deal with a new set of trading rules or they could source a similar product from France or Germany or Ireland or Belgium or .... or Cyprus under trading rules they already work with.
  • Casino_RoyaleCasino_Royale Posts: 41,770

    I see it is "Enemies of the People" night on PB.

    Predictable I suppose....

    Seriously, why do you post on here?

    You make some of the least intelligent and most petulant comments on this site.

    I was embarrassed by your posts when you were a tubthumbing BOO’er on here five years ago, and I’m embarrassed by your posts attempting to be insightfully witty (but painfully showing your limitations) now.

    Rather than channelling your strongest inner emotions (unfiltered) stick to what you’re good at: insight in areas you know about, and reasoned perspective.

    Seriously. It’ll be better for all of us.
    ^^^ This - from someone who posted the other day that Boris made better speeches than Churchill


    That was sarcasm, which everyone else got on here. It was obviously beyond your intellectual capability to understand.

    You post like a fifteen year old teenager who’s got a hold of her mum’s computer.
  • You just can't keep a good man down...

    Back on his feet and ready to get back into the fight. First the nomination, then the white house. Those who think this man would let something like a heart attack stop him fighting for ordinary Americans haven't got the measure of the man.

    Bernie Bernie Bernie!

    Much like your man, Corbyn, he's a pretty selfish, stubborn old fella.

    The right thing for Sanders to do, if he's serious about his rhetoric about fighting for the people and shifting policy to the left, is to endorse Warren early.

    With hindsight, he gifted the election to Trump in 2016 by ploughing on with what was basically a vanity campaign long after the chance had gone and endorsing Clinton grudgingly and late. Now, a left winger could argue Clinton was no loss, but if he does that to Warren, who is close to Sanders on many issues, it's unforgivable. And I think he's gearing up for it, because it's always been about Bernie rather than the cause for him.
  • What a bitter shame such an engaging & honest politician could not have joined the Lib Dems ; as an isolated independent it becomes a futile and wasted opportunity that alone cannot change the shocking state of England's extreme politics
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