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Command syndrome: Brexit and Covid have defined Johnson’s leadership style –



  • MattW said:

    for those of us in the sector


    maybe not for those people who have both the desire and the ability

  • kinabalu said:

    kinabalu said:

    kinabalu said:

    David Cameron's original concept of "sharing the proceeds of growth".

    I think it will be viable over the next decade as I think we will see some stonking high growth in the next few years. A roaring twenties.

    PS for any on the loony left who still believe the ludicrous notion that austerity or the Brexit result choked off economic growth it's worth remembering in the real world that Britain grew faster than Europe in the past decade.

    What does make me laugh is how selective people's memories were. Brown definitely was a Bad Man and Cameron would have done it all differently apparently. Yet, as you say, the alternative Tory economic plan was to "match Labour spending plans pound for pound" - because people feared Tory cuts - and inflate the bubble even faster so that he could "share the proceeds of [even more] growth" in the form of tax cuts which would drive spending and inflate the bubble even faster.

    Yet after the event people seemed to be under the impression that Cameron and Osbrown were sagely warning against (their own policies) and planning to regulate the banks by deregulating them even further than Darling had. Not that Darling had deregulated *that* far - Barclays were prevented from buying Leeman remember...
    Well said. It's beyond tedious, all these years after the 08 crash, to still encounter the fictional Tory Story about it.
    I predict it will stop two decades after the "Fatcha shut down all the minesandfactories and schoolsandhospitals" talk ends.
    If rather than call out lies we seek to excuse them by pointing to other lies, we end up in a bad place. But in any event this is false equivalence. The Labour Story in 1997 was that our public services needed a major upgrade after 18 years of Tory neglect. There was much truth in this. Such cannot be said for the almost wholly fictional Tory Story that Labour overspending had by 2008 bankrupted Britain.
    No. Your ongoing denial that Labour overspending was an unmitigated catastrophic failure of governance just shows you've learnt no lessons and hopefully there's decades to go before your lot are ever near power again.

    Unless or until you can learn from your mistakes a Japanese style 50 year Tory reign would be best for Britain.
    Even the authors of the Tory Story never believed it. It was strictly for the gullible. And to still be spouting it in 2021 - well that is beyond gullible. We need another word.
    I'm thinking of a word, that's for sure!
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