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Why the Alternative Vote system is proving awesome once more –



  • TomsToms Posts: 2,478
    Yum yum.. I had me some crudités tonight.
  • New thread.
  • JohnLilburneJohnLilburne Posts: 6,002

    MrEd said:

    PS Much as Dugin's and Dugina's views were repulsive, don't forget a father saw his daughter die in a car bomb. Regardless of your views of (almost) any individual, no one should have to see that .

    There's a hundred thousand plus in Ukraine who have see that, because that c*** of a man fired up Putin with his repulsive views on Ukrainian "untermenchen". Views his daughter publicly promulgated too.

    Call me a hard-nosed bastard, but I am not sorry he has shared that personal trauma with so many others for which he has responsibility.
    I quite agree. In time of war, it is quite reasonable to rejoice at the death of an enemy. It's no different to all the turret-tossing vids on Twidder. Delenda est Rossia.
    I don't really think that's true. I think you can even be a soldier and kill the enemy without rejoicing at their deaths.
    You have a logical fallacy there. I didn't say it wasn't possible, I said it was reasonable to do otherwise.
  • DougSealDougSeal Posts: 11,075
    I’ve a vaguely deistic view of the universe. Like 12 steppers, I find it helpful to have some conception of a higher power and kinda imagined it to be the cause of the Big Bang, setting it off like one would light a match and watch the smoke particles but taking no active role save to observe thereafter. I’m going to be dead annoyed if I have to start again.
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