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Betting next president, betting rules and democrats/rep refusing to concede

What is pretty sure about this election is that the result will be disputed and it will drag on for months in the courts, so one can end up with one of the candidates winning most electoral votes on election day and another president inaugurated due to ruling in courts and recounting. This article brilliantly outlines different scenarios:

So I want to bet that Trump will be inaugurated as president, which taking the above into account might not be the same as winning most projected electoral votes on election day, which unfortunatly is what all betting sites has in its rules. Darn, is there any betting sites where you cant bet on who will be inaugurated or any tips how to hedge this bet.. Was planning to bet allot of money on Trump, but now I am not willing to take so much risk... It will be such a scandal if you bet on trump, but biden is the projected winner and then trump wins in courts and allot of people are fed up that they made the right choice but lost their money!


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